Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions for Pain Away Pen products are answered below:

What can Pain Away Pen be used for?

Pain Away Pen has been used by over half a million people in the UK who suffer pain caused by many conditions such as arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis, spondolitis, rheumatism, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine and inflammatory conditions. Pain Away Pen can be used to help relieve the associated pain of any chronic condition.

Can I overdo it?

No. Pain Away Pen can be used as often as you require.

Has Pain Away Pen been clinically tested?

Yes. Pain Away Pen has undergone a number of clinical evaluations. The latest pilot study showed both a decrease in pain and an increase in mobility for patients involved. Pain Away Pen’s effectiveness has been clinically confirmed, as independent tests show, it stops or relieves pain quickly in up to 87% of cases on which it is used, a reliable alternative to medication. Pain Away Pen is a Class IIa Medical Device and meets the requirements of the Medical Device Directive – a product you can have confidence in.

How long does it take to work?

In many cases Pain Away Pen will help to relieve pain almost immediately or within a few hours or days. However, some people may need up to two weeks before relief is achieved.

Will it work for me?

Pain Away Pen’s unique form of TNS therapy is achieving an overwhelming success rate with 90% of sufferers who try Pain Away Pen keeping it permanently. When you press the activating button, Pain Away Pen will make a “click” noise. As long as Pain Away Pen makes this “click” noise, you can be sure that the device is working.

Is it safe?

Yes. Pain Away Pen is extremely safe. It has no side effects. If you are fitted with a heart pacemaker, suffer from epilepsy, are pregnant or are already taking medication such as steroids/warfarin then we recommend you seek medical guidance before using Pain Away Pen. It is not recommended to be used directly over metal implants. Pain Away Pen is not intended to replace current medication or diagnose, treat or cure any condition.

Is Pain Away Pen easy to use?

Yes. There are no leads or pads or complicated settings involved. You simply hold the Pain Away Pen in your hand on the point of pain and click the red pushbutton about 30/40 times. This takes less than a minute. The Pain Away Pen is even effective through light clothing.

Is the Pain Away Pen guaranteed?

Yes. As well as a money back guarantee, Pain Away Pen carries a one year warranty against malfunction. In the unlikely event of fault, simply return your Pain Away Pen and a replacement will be sent to you.