Summary of Clinical Evidence

Knee & Cervical Spondylosis
Dr T.I.S., Consultant Anaesthetist and
Dr D.H., SpR Anaesthetics

The piezoelectric device is a safe, easy to use, medication-free pain controlling device which can be used for self-treatment. 61% of patients in the trial gained satisfactory relief from pain”.

Tennis Elbow & Arthrosis of the Knee
Treatment of Acute Tennis Elbow & Arthrosis of the Knee by Dr Ole Asbjorn, GP, MD

“76% of patients had effects ranging from good to excellent pain relief” and “The pen is effective as a painkiller and is a good supplement to other treatments. In the trial no side effects were observed”

Medical Studies – Back Pain
The most recent study in the UK reports: “Significant reduction in pain at rest, on movement and improved mobility.” The Doctor in charge reported that results have demonstrated that the pen has beneficial effects in reducing pain and increasing overall mobility. “Many of our patients have been really pleased with the results and in several cases we have witnessed dramatic life altering change. The use of piezoelectric devices resulted in significant reduction in pain, increase in mobility and reduction in daily
analgesic consumption”.

Dr Med. Bernt Fesers
A study that carried out tests on people suffering from spine syndromes, elbow pain, sciatica, knee arthrosis, phantom-limb pain, plantar tendios “The percentage of patients experiencing temporary or continuous pain relief after the use of piezoelectric pen ranged from 50% to 86.7%”.

Dr Reka Puskas, October 2004, Rheumatologist in a hospital in Budapest
“It is an effective device for chronic pain suffering patients and thus, a potent supplementary treatment device for locomotor disease. Because it is handy and easy to use, it can contribute to an improvement in the quality of life for patients who respond well to treatment”.