Our Promise

There is a full money back guarantee with the Pain Away Pen, this gives anyone in pain the opportunity to try the Pain Away with no risk at all. Remember 9 out of 10 people who try Pain Away Pen keep it, permanently…..

Is the Pain Away Pen the answer to all pain? The answer is yes, in a certain sense, as we are talking about a ground breaking treatment that has and will continue to change life for pain sufferers - over 1 million people worldwide have found pain relief using piezoelectric pens. However, if you find that Pain Away Pen is not working for you for whatever reason, we offer a 30 day, full money back guarantee on the price of the pen.

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Instant Natural Relief

Whenever you feel pain simply place Pain Away Pen where it hurts, press the button and the crystals inside produce a low frequency treatment providing pain relief almost instantly!  Now you can control your pain day or night wherever you are!

A lady in Staffordshire used Pain Away Pen for sciatica and spinal pain. She got immediate relief and particularly liked the fact that the product is completely natural. She said “Pain Away Pen has allowed me to truly smile again”. Letters such as the one from Mr McKenzie who used Pain Away Pen when creams and solutions had limited effect. “Immediate improvement and a dramatic reduction in the use of painkillers”.

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Trusted Worldwide

Piezoelectric devices has been used successfully for over 10 years in NHS Hospitals and Pain Clinics, and today this therapy continues to astound Doctors. This simple pen like device can be used straight on the point of pain, no leads or pads, just one simple treatment wherever you need it. You can even use Pain Away Pen over clothing and it is still just as effective.

“A piezoelectric pen was thoroughly tested by Dr Ole Asbjorn and patients reported that in most cases, it typically worked a few minutes after treatment. Some patients do however take a little longer to feel the benefit. I have tried it and it works.”
Dr Carsten Vagn Hansen – The Radio Doctor.

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